Sunday, 1 December 2013


As a sufferer of (aptly named) SAD, I find winter to be tough. My mood drops and predictably, as does my social life and college grades. This year will be different! I've decided that every day for December I'm gonna do a post on something that makes me happy. I like to think that when I'm feeling down I can look back over my blog and see loads of things which make me happy. Hmm. I'm quite a negative person usually so the results of this could be hilarious (or not, considering the current outlook).
This is a weird take on the December Tag but I've decided to personalise it!

One thing which makes me happy? Beanies. What could possibly make me happier than something which means I can get away with greasy roots and messy hair?! After looking through my wardrobe I've found an alarming amount of beanies (okay, now we're exaggerating) which I should really start wearing more. I have one favourite, a burgundy skaterish one which actually happens to be an old mate's boyfriend's (I've had it for like two years now after he lent it to me at a party, shh) and about 10 others which have gradually faded out of use. In order to make full use of them in the coming weather I've decided to photograph myself in each hat. If nothing else the photos will cheer me up each day, oh wow.
Post beanie hair/the reason why I wear hats

I like this photo because (unlike the next one) you can't see the stye in my eye

My left eye is the reason for the lack of my makeup tutorial being done/uploaded

I am entirely hair and nothing else

It looks like I'm sneezing or yawing. In reality, I think I was mid grin

*Because you're worth it*

There is a reason I don't wear this hat and that reason is because it vaguely resembles a condom 

This hat is too small for my head (it came from China, where I believe heads are smaller)

Let's ignore my expression (except when/if you need self esteem help)

Who needs self timer anyway?

I like to think that if you saw my expression face on I would look like a chipmunk. 

I don't even want to consider what my face is doing here. 

I'll be honest - right now I can't think of 31 things I can say that make me happy right now (that sounds more depressing than it's meant to) but give it another 30 days and hopefully we'll be sorted!

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