Saturday, 21 December 2013

Manchester 19/12/2013!

So Thursday was my much anticipated trip to Manchester to see Abby! I met Abby 5 years ago in Corfu on holiday and we've actually kept in contact that entire time, despite only meeting up three times (all in the last year actually). After a few stressful (and hastily conducted) sharp turns, thanks to my satnav, I arrived at Leighton Buzzard station before transferring to Milton Keynes and from then on it was a direct train to Manchester! I nearly went from Leagrave which is my closest train station but that meant changing about 5 times, which I'm not cool with. I get so stressed with finding the right platforms, having to deal with delayed trains etc, I thought it would be a smarter idea to drive to a different station, and it was!
I met Abby at the station and first thing we did? We got our ears pierced! I'd wanted either my helix or rook pierced for a while so there was a spontaneous visit to Holier Than Thou  for our new piercings, which thankfully didn't hurt that much.

Next thing we did was go to Afflecks which is this mini shopping emporium tucked away in Manchester. From an outside view it looks just like a couple of shops but when you go inside it stretches waay back with loads of different shops - there were shops dedicated to beanies, vintage shops, posters, and the cutest coffee shop we found, which we decided to go for a drink in.

Freshly pierced ear!
Next thing was a shopping trip where I bought things I don't especially need but will definitely find uses for! Saying that, the leopard jumper in my last post was bought on this trip, along with a Hawaiian-esque baseball shirt which I may wear this afternoon when I go to Milton Keynes. We went for lunch and covered pretty much all of Manchester's shopping centre!
There were a lot of Christmas markets there too which we decided to have a look round. Abby had been there previously which meant we didn't actually get lost (which I'm sure we would have if I'd been in charge) and they were really cute! I bought my mum a 'zebra' print chocolate giant marshmallow just as a small present and my sister a chocolate iPhone! I thought it was quite fitting considering she's just got an iPhone 5 and I am so, so certain she's gonna break/smash it sometime soon. Ah well, we'll see.

"please do not feed the tree with your hands. It is vegetarian"

I love Manchester and I'm definitely planning on going back up either next month or in February! Apparently the night life there is great too which is something I'm up for as soon as I'm 18 (22 days and counting down) Despite my aching legs by the end of the day, Manchester was such a good day out!

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