Friday, 6 December 2013


I really don't have the time to post every single day which is why I scheduled posts for this December Challenge which really isn't working! I always get home at 9:30PM from work, make dinner and then forget to blog. I'm not sure if this is laziness or genuine tiredness - I'm going with a combination of the two.
I think I'm gonna have to post a few day's worth at a time (sorry for clogging up newsfeeds!) in order to complete this, although we're all getting laid off work for a few weeks soon so that'll be a good time to keep going with the more regular blogging.
This is changing more so from something that makes me happy to something I enjoy every day - and it's only the 5th day! I guess though that it all boils down to the same thing; I can't enjoy something but it not make me happy so although I'm pushing the seams with this task I like to think it's still relevant.
One new thing I've been trying lately is cooking more. Most of the time my diet consists of grilled chicken and tomatoes/cucumber/general salad type stuff. I don't really eat carbs because I'm semi allergic to wheat/bread and other stuff takes too long to cook (I'm pretty impatient).
Mum heard me complaining and bought me some spice mixes - yesterday I stir fried chicken and peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes, onions and carrots with this mexican mix and it was so, so good! I'm not great with spicy food either as I have weird tastebuds but I really liked it. I've been searching the web for new recipes to make including stuff like Mexican Rice and homemade tortillas and things which I'll hopefully be making soon. It's not exactly a Christmassy trend but it'll be something healthy which I enjoy doing.

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