Sunday, 8 December 2013

7th December (24 hours late)

I find working out to be a great stress reliever, especially this time of the year when I have UCAS/university applications along with coursework and work to deal with! It's a lot easier now that I can drive too because it means if I'm feeling a workout I can be there in 10 minutes instead of either waiting for a bus (which comes at the ever so frequent time of every 75 minutes) or getting a lift.. which usually means walking back. I wouldn't mind this except A) it's dark and B) it's just under three miles, which pretty much means I could get all the exercise I need just getting there and back!

I decided to make myself a workout playlist so I'm more motivated to exercise for longer. The music at my gym doesn't really cut it - I find the most motivating thing to be music which reminds me of previous occasions, like parties, holidays, anything where I was happy/moving around/etc. After making this playlist I realised it's very rap based, but if that's what works then so be it! The playlist is originally on my itunes but I made a copy to upload onto here if anyone's interested.

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