Thursday, 2 January 2014

Resolutions for 2014

If  when I run the world, new year's resolutions will start on the 2nd, not the 1st of January. It's all well and good drunkenly boasting to your mates how you're gonna start your new fitness routine, but actually getting out of bed and living up to your claims with a hangover is a different matter. I say this from personal experience - with the exception of dropping my friend Emily home, I didn't leave the house yesterday. In fact, if we're being specific here, I barely left my bed. I bought food and drinks upstairs, I planted myself on my bed with my skins boxset on and my fizzy water next to me. Skip forward just under 24 hours and I'm ready to start the new year properly!
I didn't want to say I'd start yesterday and then not put it into practice and become really unmotivated (I'm a very black and white person) so I prepared for today and now I'm actually motivated and ready!
So, after all that, what are my new year's resolutions?

- Lose weight. Although I'm at a healthy weight, I'm not happy. I want to tone up and improve my fitness, the way it was before I got employed! As we're not working currently for a few more weeks I'm going to use this time to go to the gym a lot more often, rather than watching more boxsets.
- Gain cultural capital (this is definitely one of my media teacher's favourite phrases EVER). By this I mean more general stuff - learn some more language phrases and watch all the DVDs everyone has seen except me! Things like Love Actually, Monster's Inc, Da Vinci Code, as well as watching new films. I want to go to the cinema (or at least watch more films) a lot this year.
- Get healthier! I guess this goes under the vague umbrella of 'getting' fit, but my general goals are to drink a pint of water every morning and evening, as well as taking water to college. I want to eat fruit every day as at the moment I eat far more vegetables than fruit.
- Become more confident. I like to think I've already done this a bit this last year. I got a job and passed my driving test, both of which gave me more confidence. I want to build on this so I'll be more self assured etc when it comes to university.
- Get A*AA at A Level, at least. I only need to get ABB to get into my university of choice but I know if I don't get AAA at least I'll be gutted. I need to get my A in English to go to one of my options and as English is my strongest subject I'm aiming for A*! My teacher said I can do it so I'm gonna work really hard for it. Media is where the cultural capital stuff comes in, as well as doing more research and stuff in my own time which I'm prepared to do. Psychology is difficult because of my teacher but I'm starting revision after I've been to the gym today (told you I'm prepared!) and my dad said he might get me a tutor.
- Learn something/get a new hobby. I really want to take up skateboarding! The only experience I've had was a Bratz skateboard when I was about 9, but it burns loads of calories and looks great, so yknow, two birds and one stone and all!
- Get into a better skincare routine. I do have problem skin but I've got into a pretty good routine; I want to work on this and get my body into a good skin routine as well, eg moisturize and exfoliate a lot more (I'm currently too lazy) as well as small stuff like coconut oiling my hair to get it in better condition and painting my toenails etc.
- Travel a lot. This year so far I'm going to Amsterdam with my friends. I want to go on another girl's holiday, to Magaluf again or maybe Zante or somewhere, so that's something else to look into. I may be going on holiday with my family but that depends on the dates as I need to be in the country for results day! I'm also going to Reading Festival again this year, no doubt about it! I would love to go to Paris or hop on a plane somewhere at some point this year but I'm not sure when - we'll see!

I think that's it for this year then - have you made any new year's resolutions?

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