Friday, 27 December 2013

Boxing day sales haul

I've been meaning to do a Christmas haul post but after uploading all the photos my camera crashed and the photos were all deleted! I think I might try again either tonight or Sunday with a proper haul post. Yesterday though I went to the sales! I didn't really get that much because I'm going to Milton Keynes again tomorrow with my sister and dad for some more sales spending - fingers crossed I keep all my limbs through the crowds - it was ridiculously busy today. I ended up only spending less than a tenner because of vouchers and stuff but here's what I bought.
Air Max lookalikes - £8 New Look
Velvet underwear set - £6 Primark
Black disco pants - £28 Topshop
Cute pants - £2 each Topshop
(the colours really aren't appreciated in this photo) Aqua clutch bag - £8 New Look
The back is thick black velvet so I thought it deserved its own photo!
2 True Eyebrow pencil - £1.99 Superdrug
(My book taste has taken a turn for the worst lately) 3 for £5 books - The Works
Floral bralet (potential NYE top) - £3 Primark
Have you bought anything special in the sales so far?!

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