Sunday, 29 December 2013

18th Birthday wishlist!

It's my 18th birthday in 14 days (as of 29th December) and I'm so excited! I've been more excited to turn 18 than I have been about Christmas which could be considered pretty selfish haha. I think it's because a lot of my close friends are already 18 and a lot of people I'd like to become closer to - I feel I'll be able to distance myself from bad friends and become closer to nicer people if I see them more, ergo, the sooner I'm 18 and can socalise with them more, my life will improve. I think that's realistically far too simplistic an answer to actually happen but it's a thought which is keeping me positive so I'll ignore my doubts at the moment! My dad bought me Mabel (my Mini One) back in October as an early 18th birthday present so I'm not really expecting too much however he has said he'll get me a few things (along with other family members and my rich nan) so I've started making a list anyway of a few bits and pieces. No doubt this list will grow over the next two weeks but it's a good start I like to think! 

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