Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Print obsessions

My 'quick fix' outfit is pretty much black jeans, vans and a lucid patterned top. I'm currently deliberating between buying a PRVDNCE t shirt or a Pray For Paris one. Both are pretty expensive but so worth it, in my opinion!

Pray For Paris is definitely the better known brand of the two, with the 'could be realistic but was actually photoshopped' Kanye photo which bubbled around the internet last year being the real ladder for the brand's popularity.

It seems that these hyper colourful prints have been taking over fashion recently - move over, neon, it's all about religious/lucid prints! As I'm a big fan I was looking into the origins of the designs and came across Leif Podhajsky's designs. They are, to put it simply, breathtaking. If you're a fan of music like Foals and Tame Impala you might recognise some of their album artwork from his pieces. It's funny to think that the designs all over the internet at the moment are so popular when the original designers of these types of patterns are so unknown!
You can check out PRVDNCE, Pray For Paris and Leif Podhajsky from the links here.

Monday, 6 January 2014


 I went to Milton Keynes with my sister and my dad the other day - for Christmas dad bought Jens some really expensive designer jeans despite the fact she only wanted Topshop ones. As predicted, Jens didn't like them (they were massively too big as well) so off to MK we went to return them! Jens got £85 which was promptly spent in Topshop, and I bought my Rihanna For River Island denim jacket and a velvet dress!
Coat - Topshop
Top - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Vans Old Skool
Socks - Topshop
Hope you all had a good Christmas break, I'm off to watch Series 4 Skins for the 32546545th time!

Friday, 3 January 2014

River Island picks!

I bought myself three NYE dresses this year. Yes, I'm aware I only have one body, I'm also aware NYE is only one night long. I picked up this denim jacket as well somewhat spontaneously - it's not exactly something I need as I've already got my Levi denim jacket, and let's take a quick look out the window at the weather right now! I couldn't resist though; £60 reduced to £20 was a complete steal and I just know I'll get the wear out of it next spring!
This dress is the one I actually wore for NYE which was a really good night in the end! I went to my friend Damiano's party which was shut down about 11PM due to about 40 extra people turning up. I did feel sorry for his mum who was there at the time - she's lovely but wasn't realistic about the amount of people at a teenage party. It ended with a lot of people leaving at 11PM and going to a different party, which me, my friend Emily and 4 other girls I vaguely know from college all jumping in a taxi and going to this other guy's party too. We ended up spending the actual NYE part of the evening in the taxi, drunkenly singing along to Celebrations with the taxi driver, who gave us a discount in the end! It was a somewhat surprising night, although it ended with me and Emily getting pizza and chicken nuggets back in my town before spending £10 on a 2 and a half mile taxi back to my house! The best part of NYE in my opinion? I didn't wake up with a hangover!
I'm aware this post is really, really overdue but I forgot to post it the other day and really wanted to show you guys my new jacket, so here you go!
Hope everyone's had a good week, I can't believe it's back to College next monday :(

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Resolutions for 2014

If  when I run the world, new year's resolutions will start on the 2nd, not the 1st of January. It's all well and good drunkenly boasting to your mates how you're gonna start your new fitness routine, but actually getting out of bed and living up to your claims with a hangover is a different matter. I say this from personal experience - with the exception of dropping my friend Emily home, I didn't leave the house yesterday. In fact, if we're being specific here, I barely left my bed. I bought food and drinks upstairs, I planted myself on my bed with my skins boxset on and my fizzy water next to me. Skip forward just under 24 hours and I'm ready to start the new year properly!
I didn't want to say I'd start yesterday and then not put it into practice and become really unmotivated (I'm a very black and white person) so I prepared for today and now I'm actually motivated and ready!
So, after all that, what are my new year's resolutions?

- Lose weight. Although I'm at a healthy weight, I'm not happy. I want to tone up and improve my fitness, the way it was before I got employed! As we're not working currently for a few more weeks I'm going to use this time to go to the gym a lot more often, rather than watching more boxsets.
- Gain cultural capital (this is definitely one of my media teacher's favourite phrases EVER). By this I mean more general stuff - learn some more language phrases and watch all the DVDs everyone has seen except me! Things like Love Actually, Monster's Inc, Da Vinci Code, as well as watching new films. I want to go to the cinema (or at least watch more films) a lot this year.
- Get healthier! I guess this goes under the vague umbrella of 'getting' fit, but my general goals are to drink a pint of water every morning and evening, as well as taking water to college. I want to eat fruit every day as at the moment I eat far more vegetables than fruit.
- Become more confident. I like to think I've already done this a bit this last year. I got a job and passed my driving test, both of which gave me more confidence. I want to build on this so I'll be more self assured etc when it comes to university.
- Get A*AA at A Level, at least. I only need to get ABB to get into my university of choice but I know if I don't get AAA at least I'll be gutted. I need to get my A in English to go to one of my options and as English is my strongest subject I'm aiming for A*! My teacher said I can do it so I'm gonna work really hard for it. Media is where the cultural capital stuff comes in, as well as doing more research and stuff in my own time which I'm prepared to do. Psychology is difficult because of my teacher but I'm starting revision after I've been to the gym today (told you I'm prepared!) and my dad said he might get me a tutor.
- Learn something/get a new hobby. I really want to take up skateboarding! The only experience I've had was a Bratz skateboard when I was about 9, but it burns loads of calories and looks great, so yknow, two birds and one stone and all!
- Get into a better skincare routine. I do have problem skin but I've got into a pretty good routine; I want to work on this and get my body into a good skin routine as well, eg moisturize and exfoliate a lot more (I'm currently too lazy) as well as small stuff like coconut oiling my hair to get it in better condition and painting my toenails etc.
- Travel a lot. This year so far I'm going to Amsterdam with my friends. I want to go on another girl's holiday, to Magaluf again or maybe Zante or somewhere, so that's something else to look into. I may be going on holiday with my family but that depends on the dates as I need to be in the country for results day! I'm also going to Reading Festival again this year, no doubt about it! I would love to go to Paris or hop on a plane somewhere at some point this year but I'm not sure when - we'll see!

I think that's it for this year then - have you made any new year's resolutions?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The "2013 feels like only yesterday.." post!

I'm pretty sure that looking back on last year, near enough everyone's reaction was along the lines of "2013 was shit! Let's hope that 2014 is better!" etc. I'm not sure whether it's because we're all optimists at heart or perhaps we all suffer the same deterioration of good memories throughout the year. We'll never know. I myself am susceptible to the same behavior so I thought this year I'd make a post of the highlights of the year! Look out for cringy photos and a few mugshots..

I went to a great (somewhat late) NYE party and also turned 17. I got to my LW to date (which sadly didn't last long) and I had a happy month!
Cringy (slightly tipsy) photo from late NYE party. I can't believe this was only a year ago omg
I'll be honest - not much happened in February. I got closer to a really good friend finally, which made me happy for a bit until we both ruined it. Hmm. February was also the first time I went underage clubbing which was a great night. Despite going to a different sixth form to all of my other friends, I was with a few of them on this night out and it was really funny. I did end up getting home at 4AMish though, much to my mum's complete dissatisfaction!

MARCH 2013:
March was a good month because I got my January exam result back - to find out i got BB! I was really happy because I got A's in both my coursework pieces meaning that I got AABB for my AS level results (more on that in August!) I'm not sure I've got any actual picture proof but you'll have to take it from me, it was a good month. My tickets for ADTR also turned up in March according to my facebook timeline, although the actual event was in June!

APRIL 2013:
In April I went to Fuerteventura with my family and also got together with my (ex) boyfriend. I'd have to say the holiday was more fun than the boyfriend, although at the time I'd say differently! The holiday was really good which was a complete surprise at first. As it was April we went to Fuerteventura because it's near Africa and supposedly warm all year round. For the first three days it was freezing. No exaggeration - it was genuinely so cold! We didn't swim because of the temperature although me and Jens did a lot of exploring - the hotel grounds were amazing; there was a private beach and if you walked past it, it was joined with another two hotels which we were allowed in too. After the first few days the weather suddenly got a lot, lot hotter and I got incredibly sunburnt, but less on that!
The best thing about this photo is that it's not edited - this was actually the colour of the sky

MAY 2013:
My exams started in May! That is no way ever a good thing, but definitely a worthwhile thing to mention. I made dozens of flashcards and could tell you anything you wanted to know about psychoanalysis and psychology in general  - at least, the things on the AQA exam board syllabus. May was also the month for Slam Dunk festival which I've been going to for the last three years, which was amazing as usual. I'd been really anxious that morning because I was going with my ex boyfriend and some friends which meant that when we were drinking I got drunk really quickly due to not eating anything, other than that it was a really good day though! I also saw Alt-J live and got right to the front which was great - I was stressed as we didn't get to the venue until 5ish but we were right at the front!
From Alt-J's video diary - subtly pointing out me and my friends

JUNE 2013:
Yet more exams! Also the end of exams though, which is always a good moment. My last exam was actually 5th June, which was Psychology. As soon as it finished I walked out of college for the summer (or for a few weeks until bridging anyway) and met my friends at the station before going to see A Day To Remember! They were absolutely amazing and I also discovered another now favourite band - Your Demise, who were the support. In June I also heard that Don Broco were playing at Reading Festival as well as actually meeting them in London, which was definitely a highlight of 2013.

JULY 2013:
In July I went to Magaluf with my friends, Emily and Sophie. That in itself is really all that happened in July - we went from the 9th until the 9th and the days before and after were spent planning/packing/reminiscing/dying (the last one is only half true). This was my first 'girl's' holiday away without parents and was so great. Being able to come in and go out when we wanted as well as just being free for 10 days brings such a sense of freedom, it's ridiculous. I've got so many photos from this holiday which I keep looking back on because they're hilarious.
The boat party was a definite highlight!

AUGUST 2013:
A lot happened in August - I went to Turkey with my family, I went to Reading Festival with my friends and I got my exam results! They were only AS Level ones but they're 50% of A2 (the ones I'm doing this year) which means they were still pretty important. I was in Turkey when they were given out and after the internet connection dissolving along with not sleeping whatsoever the night before, I finally got my results! AABB, which I was really chuffed with. I actually lost two friends from getting better results than them but realistically that was also a good thing to come out of 2013. Reading Festival was one of my favourite parts of this year and I'm going again next year, without a doubt. Camp Fabulou$ strikes again!

Back to College.. bleurgh. Start of A2s as well - double the work but half the lessons! Slight exaggeration again, although as we all dropped one subject I have an extra 4 and a half hours free time per week which I'm not complaining about. I have 2/3 great teachers; my english language and media teachers are fantastic and give great feedback, but my psychology teacher is absolutely lovely but can't teach at all. It's slightly worrying because psychology is my weakest subject but I think I'm getting a tutor somepoint soon which should make up the difference. I did make a really good friend from psychology though - my friend Szymon who I've spoken to at parties over the summer ended up sitting next to me and we've become pretty close now, which was something good to come out of September. There were also a lot of college parties this month! I did manage to meet up with a lot of old friends too which was really good.
I passed my driving test first time! Always a good moment, and probably the highlight of October. The terror I felt from driving through the town centre at peak time will haunt me forever I'm sure, but I've got used to driving now and my anxiety levels have gone down a lot due to it. I have a lot more time and I think it's given me a lot more confidence now I've achieved something I didn't think I would!

I'm actually struggling to think of things that happened in November, it wasn't especially an adventurous month, hmmm. There's not even anything on my facebook 'year in photos' thing for it. I'm pretty sure November was spent hyping myself up for Don Broco (December) and making Christmas plans. I did watch Trainspotting which I thought was an amazing film. I went on to buy Human Traffic and The Acid House (by the same people/set in the same place) but I haven't watched those yet. I also got offered a Conditional place at my top uni choice which was probably my happiest moment of November.

And so we reach the end of the year! This post looks horribly untidy what with random photos dotted all around it. I may have to add a 'year in photos' post to even it out a bit too. As well as a resolutions one! December was a good month - I got closer to a few people, I went to Brent Cross shopping centre, I saw Don Broco live again with a few people I'm now closer to, I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas and I went to a great NYE party! Ah, memories, it feels like it was only yesterday... (don't hate me). The best part about it now being January though? It's the month of my 18th birthday!

Overall I think 2013 has been a really good year, certainly better than 2012. I've made a lot of new friends, I've seen and met my favourite band as well as discovering new bands. I went to Magaluf and Reading Festival along with going on two family holidays, now I'm just excited for what 2014 will bring!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

18th Birthday wishlist!

It's my 18th birthday in 14 days (as of 29th December) and I'm so excited! I've been more excited to turn 18 than I have been about Christmas which could be considered pretty selfish haha. I think it's because a lot of my close friends are already 18 and a lot of people I'd like to become closer to - I feel I'll be able to distance myself from bad friends and become closer to nicer people if I see them more, ergo, the sooner I'm 18 and can socalise with them more, my life will improve. I think that's realistically far too simplistic an answer to actually happen but it's a thought which is keeping me positive so I'll ignore my doubts at the moment! My dad bought me Mabel (my Mini One) back in October as an early 18th birthday present so I'm not really expecting too much however he has said he'll get me a few things (along with other family members and my rich nan) so I've started making a list anyway of a few bits and pieces. No doubt this list will grow over the next two weeks but it's a good start I like to think! 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Boxing day sales haul

I've been meaning to do a Christmas haul post but after uploading all the photos my camera crashed and the photos were all deleted! I think I might try again either tonight or Sunday with a proper haul post. Yesterday though I went to the sales! I didn't really get that much because I'm going to Milton Keynes again tomorrow with my sister and dad for some more sales spending - fingers crossed I keep all my limbs through the crowds - it was ridiculously busy today. I ended up only spending less than a tenner because of vouchers and stuff but here's what I bought.
Air Max lookalikes - £8 New Look
Velvet underwear set - £6 Primark
Black disco pants - £28 Topshop
Cute pants - £2 each Topshop
(the colours really aren't appreciated in this photo) Aqua clutch bag - £8 New Look
The back is thick black velvet so I thought it deserved its own photo!
2 True Eyebrow pencil - £1.99 Superdrug
(My book taste has taken a turn for the worst lately) 3 for £5 books - The Works
Floral bralet (potential NYE top) - £3 Primark
Have you bought anything special in the sales so far?!