Saturday, 14 December 2013

New theme/new coat!

I'm pretty sure there's a name for having to change your theme this often. Or at least a disorder, or something along those lines. I don't even have a particular reason for changing it (again) except for the fact I was bored of my old one and didn't think it was especially fitting for my personality and/or blog contents.

In other news, I finally bought the Topshop coat I wanted! It may have been slightly late in the day for buying a winter coat (seeing as we're now halfway through December and all) but considering what the weather was like back in February, I'm hoping it'll get its wear.
From what I've seen so far, the coat was a great investment buy. Originally it was £79 and my plan was to get my dad to buy it for me (alas, he wouldn't) so along came payday and a last minute trip to Brent Cross shopping centre and there was my coat! Reduced to £55 as well, or £49.50 with student discount. I'm always weighing up the odds of having to show my student card (I genuinely resemble a hamster in my picture) vs getting discounted clothes. Usually, the discount wins but if there's a really attractive cashier sometimes I'll just spend the extra few pounds. I'm fully ignoring how shallow that sounds as well!

I rarely buy winter coats because I'm usually just in my denim/jersey jacket. Purely because it's denim and black, meaning that I can wear it with virtually everything. When I'm wearing denim skirts or jeans I just take off the denim outerpart and wear a black hoodie. Sorted. Now of course I can wear my amazing new coat, which I'm really looking forward to.
My issue last year with my Topshop coat was the lining; the coat was made of wool and so the insides of the sleeves were itchy as hell. This time though they're lined better, although I guess usually the point of wearing a coat is layered over something else rather than bare arms!
Another great thing about this coat? I can buy it in a size 10! When I buy clothes I'm always a size 12 (except in stretchy stuff or when there's no size 12s in stock) and I was paranoid of having to buy a 14 in the coat so I could actually wear stuff under it without looking like a polar bear. This coat is oversized by design but I found the 12 came up huge, even with layers on underneath, so I ended up opting for a 10! A reduced coat and a boost of self esteem; Topshop have really impressed me this time!
I tried it on in the Oxford Street branch a month or so ago and a lovely girl working in there told me the colour/cut really suited me. Whether she was working on commission or was genuinely being nice we'll never know, but it made me happy.
So, I now have a new theme and a new coat, it's been a productive day!

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