Friday, 27 September 2013

On the hunt for winter clothing.

I've come to the conclusion that I always wear the same things. I either wear black tights with black or denim Topshop Joni shorts, or I wear my black disco pants. After a year of convincing myself I would dress well at college (we're going back to year 11 resolutions here) something has to change.
Luckily, this revelation came at exactly the right time, and by the right time, I mean payday. My general aim was to find more winteresque outfits, mainly plain things which would match with the majority of my clothes already. Although payday comes every two weeks, a fortnight can seem an extremely long time with no funds. Because of this, I went out with intention to spend about £30 on getting some basics. It's not that I don't like spending money, it's just that when I start, it is so much harder to stop.
I'm in no shortage of t shirts - I have nearly a whole wardrobe rail dedicated to them so the real aim here was to find bottoms rather than tops. My main issue is that (as previously complained about) I don't like jeans. I don't mind black jeans, but what's the point of buying loads of pairs of the same thing? With the exception of comfort, black jeans realistically don't differ too much. I'm still hankering for a pair of black Joni Topshop jeans however my thighs disagree.
One trend I do like lately is patches on jeans. I'm not fond of the whole 'double denim' idea so disregard the top half of the picture but the jeans shown are great. The only problem with them is the style - as much as I would love to have legs the same shape as this model's I will be a realist here and accept that they are not.
It may seem odd to opt for skinny jeans when my legs resemble rhino legs at the best of time but I find that these actually bring some shape rather than just creating an elusion that my legs aren't what they seem. Again, being a realist, this just makes me look like I can't be bothered to find nice jeans to wear so I tend to avoid baggy jeans like the ones to the left.
And back to the shopping trip! The word "SALE" caught my attention so, like a dog to a bone, I walked into H&M. Now, I have differing views on H&M. In my opinion, it's a shop where you either find the contents of next season's wardrobe or nothing whatsoever. This time though I was lucky (I'm pretty certain my bank balance would disagree here). I found the nicest jeans/jeggings (another label I try to avoid) in blue denim with leather patches on the knees. Not only are they ideal, they are also NOT JEANS. Jeggings are somewhat renound for their 2011 fashion craze but they are so undeniably comfortable that I'm prepared to risk abuse. The leather patches are great too - if they were entirely blue I wouldn't have bought them because of the colour - I'm not really a blue jeans person either. Or any other colour except black actually, but the leather patches added a vintagey feel and mean I can pair them with literally anything.
I got some other stuff in H&M which I haven't had a chance to photograph yet - a short sleeve basketball style top with a tiger face on it which I wore with said new jeggings yesterday and a long white shirt/dress with an evil eye type of design on it. Photos to come!
On a spontaneous decision I went into Peacocks. I'm not sure why, since I haven't really been into Peacocks since I was about 11, but Becca wanted to have a look so I followed her in. This just goes to show that I should shop around more, I came across the nicest harem style pants - ever. There were some black mock leather ones I saw in Primark which did nothing for my shape so I didn't buy them - on a whim I bought the Peacocks ones. The picture here does them no justice at all; in person the blue is brighter and lighter, and they are far more baggy in person than online, which is also great for those of us with huge legs, i.e myself.
They're described on the website as 'patterned trousers' however I think the description would be much more accurate if they were called 'harem pants' as that's exactly what they look like in person. I haven't checked the label but I'm pretty confident they're just cotton which is the only downfall - I would like them just that little bit more if they were roomier and just had more stretch I guess. The photo on the right is also taken from the website and shows the same trousers in their other colour - yellow..ish? They're more ochre than yellow itself but I'm not complaining. I nearly bought those ones instead except the blue ones have this amazing way of making my legs look potentially skinny which the ochre ones lacked to do. The actual photo is much more realistic with the size/bagginess aspect compared to the stock photo though. I paired mine differently - I wore them with a black folded sleeve crop top, chunky gold necklace (as always), burgundy beanie and black creepers with blue and white lacy socks. I was paranoid the trousers looked the wrong length - past mid calf but not quite long enough to look like 7/8s trousers, but no worries there. The creepers definitely helped with the illusion of slim legs which is always appreciated.
Photos to come later for another WIWT post!


  1. Aww i love those jeans. So unique. :)

    Lauren x

    1. Changed my opinion on the H&M ones slightly because they ripped after wearing them twice! Still love the design of them though, just a shame about the quality! x