Saturday, 30 November 2013


Blogger's still being useless when it comes to uploading photos via Google Chrome, and when they do finally upload (via Internet Explorer arghhhh) the quality is terrible. Hmm. Need to find a way to fix this, both for my sanity and the quality of my photos.
I was planning on uploading a 'get ready with me' makeup kinda tutorial.. thing, but I've accidentally been using my old mascara instead of my new one and I've developed some kind of stye WHICH IS SO PAINFUL. Perhaps we'll leave that for another day then!
This is one of many of my EETS jumpers paired with Topshop Joni jeans and lacy socks fresh from Ebay, with the trusted chain and burgundy vans which I'm not actually wearing due to not being allowed to wear shoes upstairs, in the house.
I'm still waiting on the arrival of my new camera (hurry up, Christmas!) when I promise my photo quality will dramatically improve!

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