Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I, much like the average teenage girl, love sales. I like shopping, but I love sales. What's better than finding that the skirt you've been wanting for ages has been reduced? Alternatively, there's the horror of finding the skirt you bought a few weeks ago in the sale, but that's by the by. I was shopping after college yesterday when I went into Primark (ultimate bargain hunting haha) and found two skirts I was going to buy a week or so ago. The best part? I got them BOTH for £6 rather than paying £20 in total. Not only did I save myself the horror of going back and seeing my stuff reduced, I also exercised my self control and managed to get them for a third of the price! I often do this in Topshop too - I bought a pair of Joni jeans for £18 instead of £36, and I still have no idea why they were in the sale. Christmas sales especially are great because it means you can go crazy and class things as presents (even if they're..ahem.. for yourself).. Everybody needs a pick me up this time of year and going shopping/crashing the sales is a perfect way to do just that. Think of all the money you're saving by going shopping now rather than later, when all the best stuff has been taken. You're actually (kind of) doing yourself a favour! I'll be doing a OOTD/WIWT post with the skirts soon!

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