Monday, 9 December 2013

"Ever since I was a young girl..."

It sounds like the first line of a personal statement, and I'm semi embarrassed to say that it actually features in mine. I've pretty much considered myself a design nerd since I asked for PSPPX2 for my, what? 12th birthday? Something like that. Back when photo editing software was £100 or so, rather than £700 (no hinting towards anything in particular *COUGH* Photoshop *COUGH* Indesign.. ahem.
For my media studies coursework this year we have the option of either creating a movie trailer or designing a digipak for a CD. My group were so excited to start the trailer (as you'll have read from previous posts) until we saw how easy it is to get an A through the digipak route. I'm not even exaggerating when I say one of the A grade pieces was a bunch of selfies with some clipart on top of it. Depressing, right?
As much as I was so excited to get started on our movie trailer, I'm so determined to get an A or an A* overall in media which means I need to grab all the marks through coursework, which I have so much more control over. The digipak can be done in my own time as well as in college and I know I can get a good mark in it - I've used the video editing software a fair few times but I've been using Photoshop/PSP since I was 12. Point made? I think so.
We only got told about the options officially this morning and I've been excited to start planning ever since. I'm starting my research for the digipak soon but for now I've just been messing around on Photoshop with effects for 20 minutes or so. These are all photos I've manipulated (albeit not much) that I've taken in the past year or so. It's actually really nice looking through them as they bring back so many memories.
My aim is to take loads more photos and come to a conclusion for a theme (these photos hold no theme whatsoever and consequently don't work together at all). I love photo editing and I'm actually really excited to start my coursework which is a refreshing change.
This is a photo I used for previous coursework which I multiplied etc 

My guitar ft Jens

CHVMISTRY is my favourite song by my favourite band - might have to steal it for the digipak band name hmmm

So I lied when I said they were all taken this year. This was taken last year in Turkey

Pretty sure this was taken in April in Fuerteventura while we were on a coach

This is a nice juxtaposed photo from Magaluf Beach taken over summer. Very contrasting to stereotypes haha!

This was also taken looking down onto Magaluf Beach. If I were to turn around, you would see nothing but clubs/bars

This is a wall following the previous picture - I got the frame size wrong and flipped it so it's now the floor

This was taken from my recent trip to Great Yarmouth for Channel 4's 4Talent day

Previously posted but I still love it - Great Yarmouth arcades!

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