Monday, 21 October 2013

New hair!

Being someone who gets bored easily, it's never a good thing for me to keep my hair the same for too long, or there are drastic consequences! Yesterday was one of those days. I've had the same hairstyle for a year and a half now, when after falling out with a close friend I dyed my hair dark brown from its natural light blonde and pushed my fringe aside for a centre parting. The opposite has happened now, as you may notice from the pictures! I decided, somewhat spontaneously, to cut my 'fringe' into a short, 90s-esque fringe. I think I like it. I was so nervous at first - having had the same hairstyle for over a year (quite an accomplishment for someone who used to change every few weeks) it felt incredibly unnatural and slightly sad cutting off my finally-long-enough-to-tie-back hair. It had to be done though, or I would have ended up dying it again, and as much as the colour of my hair is great, the length isn't. I've been trying to grow it for years now and after getting half of it chopped off it's actually going somewhere now, i.e down.

I'll be honest, most of these pictures are just me taking bad selfies as an excuse to upload on here. I tried to get my fringe from different angles and consequently there are some very unflatting photos among them! I was aiming for my fringe to be a couple of centimetres above my eyebrows (which desperately need plucking, maybe not a good day to cut a new fringe in?) and I actually quite like the length it turned out! The only problem is my fringe grows ridiculously fast unlike the rest of my hair, meaning I'll have to trim it every other week I think. Generally though I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering I cut it myself!