Thursday, 17 October 2013

You'll be my american boy

Everyone who has commented on my outfit today so far has said i look 'American'. I'm not sure whether this is due to the stars and stripes hat or the varsity top (or 'versity' as one friend referred to it). This is definitely one of my more bargain outfits - the hat and top together came to only £9 from Primark! I never understand why the nice beanies are always in the guy's section but if it means not spending £14 for the equivilent in Topshop I'm all for taking a detour to the male part of primark. The Shorts are from Topshop (does this make me a slight hypocrite considering my last comment?) and my shoes are my beloved Air Max 90s which really need replacing soon due to how much I've worn them! This is probably the only post I'll be seen in without my gold chain cause I left it at my friend Becca's last weekend, hopefully it'll be making a swift return when I see her though!

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