Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wrangler/Mom jeans

The new jeans fashion at the moment seems to be of the oversized, highwaisted, rolled up variety. In short, Topshop 'Mom' jeans. Those of us with more time and less money may venture into the depths of ebay and look for some authentic Levi ones, which (let's be honest) are superior both in quality and design. Topshop as a brand is great, however the quality of their clothes speak otherwise. My sister was telling me how she wants some 'mom' jeans from Topshop, and I, as a well researched charity shopper, told her to find some in a charity shop instead! Luckily for some (unfortunately not me) she's naturally a size 6 which makes finding vintage clothes that much easier. It was only when I was digging out my wardrobe I found my vintage Wrangler jeans! They are so, so similar to both the Topshop and Levi comparisons except the quality of them is fantastic! I vaguely remember buying them in one of my local charity shops but not having the balls to wear them due to people (including my sister!) telling me they were weird.. Added to the fact that they were a bit tight. A year on and half a stone lighter, they have found new light for my AW13 wardrobe! As I only found them the other day I haven't made a OOTD post for them yet but this is them in all their glory. The best part? They cost me literally 1/10th of the price of the Topshop jeans at a bargain £4!
True vintagey style back pockets wooo

They're like a 30" waist but this photo makes them look huge

The jeans in all their glory (ignore the uneven cuffs)

Folded cuffs, courtesy of myself and not Topshop's manufacturing
This is an utterly pointless photo other than to emphasise the oldness of these jeans.

Topshop comparison photos - £40 'Mom' jeans.
I reckon I'll pair them with a crop top of some form, creepers or platform trainers and hopefully a leather jacket if I can find a nice, durable one to invest in!

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