Saturday, 26 October 2013

Current favourites

Everyone seems to be fully getting into the Autumn/Winter (already?!) spirit, and I'm still here clinging on to the remains of summer. I've never been a Winter person, I'll be honest. I'm much happier strolling around at 9:30PM when it's still warm wearing shorts and a t shirt, rather than huddled up around a campfire drinking hot chocolate and freezing to death telling horror stories. For one, I'm terrified of horror stories, but we're going off track entirely here.
There are however a few good aspects of the coming seasons, and this year especially has seen some good stuff happening. I thought I'd make a list of my current favourites I've discovered recently to somewhat improve the dreariness of this season.
Favourite album: Arctic Monkeys - AM. This album is so reminiscent of their old stuff, songs such as Do I Wanna Know? remind me strongly of their Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not days. The album as a whole has quite a wintery feel about it I think, but with contrasting songs from Knee Socks to Mad Sounds, the album is great to put on whatever mood you're in!
Favourite Book(s): I've been reading a lot lately, something to do with having loads of spare time, especially on trains! A few really good (but very different) books I've read recently have been Before I Forget - Melissa Hill, An Enormously English Monsoon Wedding - Christina Jones and How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff. In terms of plot they're all really different, but great reads. I'm also halfway through The Half Life Of Stars - Louise Wener, which I think I'll review properly when I've finished as, so far, it's amazing.
Favourite Film: Everyone knows that Autumn is the season for watching old movies and drinking hot chocolate - if you're not doing it at least once a week you're spending the season wrong. My DVD collection is sadly lacking in many good films, so I've been creeping amazon for old favourites to watch this time of year. The latest one I watched? She's The Man. It's such a great film for motivation and killing time (ultimate opposites there which makes it versatile) and it was probably the best £1.27 I've spent in ages.
Favourite Food: I feel like I should stick to tradition and say something like tea (which I actually really dislike *gasp*) or mince pies, fit for early Christmas such is this country! My favourite thing to cook at the moment though is soup, which I guess still fits with the season. Our house is lacking a blender at the moment so any soup I make comes out suspiciously thick, however once I've invested in a blender I like to think I'll be able to make more soup and possibly upload recipes! Soup is fantastic because not only are there so many different options, it's healthy and fills you up, perfect for slimming down before Christmas!
Favourite AW13 Craze: Tartan is everywhere at the moment. The shops are full of it, blogs are full of it, the only blog which isn't at the moment is mine! I think the most tartan I've got at the moment is a scrunchie. I've been looking for a cute tartan dress but so far I haven't seen any. I'd love to be able to pull off wearing tartan trousers too but I don't have the figure for it, although if I keep making soup I may do at some point in the future!
Favourite Event(s): I'm slacking now. I love Halloween but so far I have no plans - this needs to change! I have so many outfit ideas but no one to go out with and wear them! This is one of the major flaws of being 17, I'm legally allowed to cruise around England as long as I don't enter any of the clubs, but that's another matter!

I guess when you look on the bright side, there's actually loads happening this time of year. We still have Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, New Years, and then 12 days after that, my 18th! (Clearly the most important one..)

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