Thursday, 31 October 2013

healthy meals/weightloss

'Dieting' is a phrase which brings either one of two reactions upon me. Sometimes I'm great, although my actual 'diet' technique involves eating as little as possible and exercising loads i.e not very healthy. Alternatively, if I'm in a good frame of mind I put dieting right out of my head and pretend I'm happy at my current weight. Which, for the record, I'm not.
My weight has fluctuated so much over the past two years - back then I went and lost 26lbs easily without actually having to make many adjustments. To be fair, I was going through a really bad period in my life and not eating/exercising was a way to gain control. When my life improved, I started eating again, and put loads of weight back on! Typical!
When I was with my ex, we were too lazy to cook half the time so we just made pizza and stuff and I put back on the weight I'd lost, again.
Now, I'm halfway between my highest weight and my lowest weight, aiming to lose more. When I lose weight, I'm happier. I'm more focused and goal orientated and mentally, I'm in a better frame of mind. This time though I'm aiming to do it a healthier way.
One thing I'm aiming to use to motivate me is uploading my meals/recipes. Hopefully if I keep doing this I'll get into the habit of it uploading and I'll stick to this healthiness plan. We'll see I guess!
Lunch: homemade tomato soup with grilled chicken and salad
Breakfast: satsumas, yoghurt and hot chocolate.
It's pretty easy at the moment because it's half term so I'm not at Sixth form which means no early mornings. If I wake up late, I don't get hungry, is that weird? It works to my advantage though because it means I can eat less which means less calories! I'm trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and meat rather than carbs which is all well and good except occasionally I'm getting lightheaded.
Some of my favourite things to make are grilled chicken salad, simply because I love chicken and it's so filling, and salad is so colourful and also filling. Mixing stuff like tinned tomatoes with garlic and onion and being blended makes great soup and it's usually around 60kcals assuming you don't add oil or anything. Add herbs and spices and boil everything together for about 15 minutes and then blend it - so filling and so low calorie.
Options hot chocolate is one of my favourites if you're craving something sweet - there's loads of different flavours like belgian chocolate, white chocolate, mint madness, a hazelnut one (of which I can't remember the actual name) and they're all between 40-50kcals!
Also, 'crispbakes' (I get mine from Sainsbury's) are big, round circles of goodness. If we're being technical they're made of wheat flour but they're the perfect mix between sweet and savoury and can be topped with pretty much anything. The Sainsbury's ones are 39kcals and the Morrison's ones are only 29kcals, so go crazy!
Hopefully as I discover more healthy foods and upload more recipes I'll start to lose weight, I'll keep updated!

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