Thursday, 31 October 2013


I look so cheerful today. This isn't even an OOTD if we're being honest; I tried to upload it last night (at about 1AM so technically I guess it counts as 'today') but blogger's being shit and won't let me upload photos from my laptop. I thought it was something to do with my internet connection so I went to bed with the hope of uploading again this morning. Still no luck! I've resorted to uploading everything via my tumblr and 'upload via URL' for every. single. photo. Time consuming stuff as I'm sure you're aware! I really like this outfit, it's not the usual kind of thing I'd wear - I'm usually always in shorts and tights but my only clean tights had some massive rip at the top and if I'd had worn shorts it would be visible, so it had to be a dress! I recently bought myself a new Zara leather jacket too which I'm in love with, one of my pet hates about leather jacket is they're either restrictingly tight or too baggy around the shoulders/arms, but this one has elasticy fabric stuff (technical terms there) between where the sleeves end and the body starts, as well as on the wrist cuffs, which is great.
I'm not sure why I'm looking so cheerful here
New Huf socks!
Dubious looking makeup smudge on my dress *sigh*
Another mirror selfie (don't hate me)
I also bought some new Huf socks recently - I'm not sure whether they're genuine or not, the packaging was exactly the same as the genuine ones I bought a year ago, however those ones cost me £15 inc postage and these ones were £3.99 + postage, so there was a pretty huge difference in price! Quality wise they're identical too so whether they're dupes or not doesn't bother me. I got them off Ebay here - they say you get a random colour of about 12 so I was lucky getting the colour I wanted. They also come from China which means long delivery time but if you're after Huf socks and can't justify spending £15 on a pair of socks, go for the dupes!
My dress (only the bottom half can be seen) was from H&M a while back - I bought it with the intention to wear it all the time, however sadly this is the second time it's seen the light outside my wardrobe. Ah well.
I wore the dress with my BOY LONDON t shirt on top. I didn't want to wear the dress alone and thought if I wore a black and white t shirt on top it would look better, and hopefully, it did.
Paired with the trusty new leather jacket and my New Look/Converse dupes, off to work I went!

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