Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Winter coats

Last year I was all about the Khaki trend - ideally I would have just had an oversized camo jacket for a winter coat and been done with it. As it was, my dad, quite sensibly, wouldn't allow this and instead I got a green swing coat from Topshop which I absolutely loved for about a week. After this, I wore my oversized levi jacket with a hoodie underneath for the rest of winter and consequently got many throat and chest infections. One way to learn a lesson! This year I'm being more practical and looking for a warm coat I'll wear regularly. It has to be something that will go with a lot of things which includes the colour - the only thing stopping me getting a fairisle coat last year was the fact that I'd be limited when wearing patterns, so that's something else to take into account. This year I'm either after a boyfriend style coat or an oversized bomber jacket. I found the nicest bomber jacket in Primark about a month ago in Sheffield, crossed my fingers that they'd have it in my local branch and then walked past 3 girls all wearing the same coat. Needless to say, this really put me off. I really don't like wearing the same things as other people. I don't mind if it's a t shirt, or a pair of jeans, or even a pair of shoes, because these are changed most days and the likelihood of it happening again with the same item is slim. Winter coats are the limit though because they're worn most days, and there's nothing worse than matching with someone else day after day (after day). This is the only thing possibly stopping me from buying a coat from Topshop or River Island again. Luckily, last year I don't think I saw anyone wear the same coat as me but I'd be pushing my luck for the same thing to happen this year. I did find these ones online though which I really like, so I may have to sway my decision!
Green R Badge Longline Varsity Jacket - River Island £65
Quilted Bomber Jacket - Topshop £79
Popper Front Boyfriend Coat - Topshop £58
I'm also going charity shopping in London with my friend Abby in a few weeks, so I think I'll put off the coat buying until then on the slim chance I come across my dream coat on the backstreets of London!

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