Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Internet/College problems

I miss summer. I miss not having college every day, I miss going on holiday, I miss not being able to wear shorts! I guess the only bad part of summer was the A Level results part but seeing as they were pretty good, I'll disregard that as a bad aspect. Going back to college has meant everything is more stressful again. I, once again, have to get up at 7:00AM twice a week (although slightly later now that I've passed my driving test), I have looong days where I leave the house before 7:30 and don't get home for 14 hours or so, and I have coursework again! Actually, coursework isn't too bad at the moment because I love writing and that pretty much sums up English Language coursework, but that's by the by. The worst thing about college though is the people there (this goes back to wearing shorts again). For college, I don't often bother dressing up or realistically putting any effort into my outfit, purely because it's college, it requires getting up early, and I'd rather have a few more minutes of sleep than get up earlier and faff around with outfits. I wore shorts and tights a days ago and some girl at college tweeted a picture of my bottom half (creeeepy..) and put that she doesn't understand why people wear shorts to college in this weather. Well. I personally don't understand why girls wear leggings with bodywarmers and look EXACTLY THE SAME AS HALF OF THE POPULATION OF LUTON but I don't tweet about it. You know why? Because everyone has their own fashion sense, and to me, as long as you're happy with what you're wearing, you go ahead and wear it! I could take a lighthearted approach and perhaps appreciate her comments; she was clearly concerned for my health, however I would have preferred it if she'd spoken to me directly about possibly wearing warmer clothes rather than put it on the internet. This is a problem many people seem to have at my college - they can't stand if someone looks different. There's a girl at my college in the year below with teal kind of coloured hair and I love it, but loads of people take the piss out of her because it isn't a generic colour. My hair has been that colour before which is probably why I like it but nonetheless, it's not your hair, therefore you have no say as to which colour it is. I don't understand why some people feel their influence is greater than the person actually wearing the clothes/dying their hair. Despite all this, I will be continuing to wear shorts to college, until it genuinely gets too cold to do so!

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