Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mini Primark haul!

So yesterday I trekked it down to Portsmouth for their university open day, which was great! I had to prebook my trains (about 12 hours before, incidentally) so I could guarantee a seat and a place on the train, which was definitely a good decision! The only downside of this was that I booked my return train(s) for about 4PM because the journey was shorter; it seems I forgot that waiting around an extra hour slightly ruins the point of a faster train. Anyway! I decided to have a look around Portsmouth as a place. I would have gone down to the sea/harbor except for the fact it required getting another train and with my sense of direction that's never a good idea - although I managed to get myself a good 102 miles to Portsmouth! (Thanks Google Maps).
The town itself was really easy to find, as in walk out of the University and you're already there! A quick look around told me it was a good town centre (or would that be city centre? hmm..) - there was a Primark, Topshop, H&M, River Island, along with the necessary Costa, Subway and Maccy's! Seeing as I had to do the return 102 miles I decided to somewhat limit my spending, as everything I bought in total yesterday came to a grand £18!
I was looking to finally buy the black Topshop Joni jeans I've been after for ages, but I don't know if it's just my pot luck but they seem to have stopped selling them? I found every other colour under the sun except the black jeans! In one sense it was good, because that would have set me back another £36 and although I only spent £18 in Primark my taxis when I went out last night cost £25 too, meaning that yesterday was actually quite an expensive day!
The Primark in Portsmouth is fab. It's huge, for one - I didn't even venture upstairs and got lost downstairs a few times! There's also that sneaky multiple exit thing going on, meaning you can walk out one way, keep shopping and see something through a different window and walk straight back in! It was a great store too because unlike my local branch - Luton (but less on that) - all the new stuff was in, which hopefully means the stuff I bought (despite it being pretty generic stuff) shouldn't be spread among the masses of Luton for a few days weeks now.
Basic Crop Top - £3.50

Cute burgundy frilly socks - £1.50

Equally cute green frilly socks - £1.50

Teal beanie - £2

Black American Apparelesque luxe skater skirt - £10

I'm glad I bought a new beanie because despite wearing different ones in my OOTD posts, I usually stick with one of three beanies, even though I have a huge collection! I worked out a while ago I own at least 11 beanies, I really need to find an opportunity to wear the other 8! The socks were a good investment too; at £1.50 a time you really can't go wrong as I'm sure my sister will agree, owning nearly every colour of them. This just means I can actually wear my own rather than use the "but Mum put them in my room!" excuse now. The skirt is very American Apparel but at a shade of the cost which is always a benefit, and I'd be surprised if there's drastic contrast in quality, too. I actually wore the top last night with black high waisted shorts hence why it looks a bit crumpled in the photo, overall good buys I would say!

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