Saturday, 23 November 2013

Currently I'm..

I saw one of these tags on WaterPaintedDreams and thought I'd do one for a post this week!

Reading Anything by Paige Toon. Usually, I'm one for more lighthearted books; I read for escapism more than gaining knowledge or anything. I also like books I can connect to somehow, and that are realistic and easy to read I guess! Paige Toon manages to get all of that into one book - the storylines are great and have twists and surprises, and the characters each have personalities. I've just finished rereading Lucy In The Sky, and before that I've also read Chasing Daisy and One Perfect Summer (ignore the cheesy titles!)

Watching My latest addiction is Come Dine With Me. Despite there already being 30 odd series of it, I've series linked it on my Sky+ and will probably have watched every episode by the end of the month, judging by how many have been recorded so far! I'm also watching I'm A Celebrity - I find it hilarious and it's light and easy to watch. In one way it's also pretty insightful to celebrities, and let's not forget the hilarity of watching them eat bugs and stuff. 

Listening to I've been working out a lot lately and so my music taste has been reflecting that. There's been a lot of Kanye (especially Mercy) and Jay-Z, although I do have a 'car' playlist I listen to on the way to college/back which has all my favourites like Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis, Canterbury, etc. 

Drinking If my room is anything to go by, then lots of fizzy peach flavoured water! Generally though at the moment I'm becoming even more of a coffee addict. After rinsing Costa of their caramel syrup I realised I can buy the exact same thing at college but much cheaper. I've also branched out (life on the edge, here) and tried different flavour syrups - my current morning coffee is a black toffee americano (black coffee with toffee syrup if you're not aiming to sound pretentious). 

Loving Being able to drive. I passed my test nearly two months ago which means this part of the post is slightly aged, but I'm now at the stage where I don't have an anxiety attack about driving in the dark, or on the really busy main roads, or on journeys I don't know/haven't been down before. I'm not sure if 2 months is an accurate amount of time to stop panicking whilst driving but it makes my life so much easier - no more waiting around for a bus and taking 2 hours to get a 20 minute journey done!

Enjoying Relaxing now my UCAS application has been sent off. Ever since we came back to college in September everyone has been fussing over university applications, personal statements and grades. Mine was sent off nearly two weeks ago and I've heard back from my top university choice along with two others so I'm pretty pleased! Now just to get the grades to get my conditional offer! I'm planning to start my revision after Christmas which gives me just over another month to chill. 

Learning Media Psychology in (you guessed it) Psychology, gender theories in English Language and watching The Departed in Media Studies. It's pretty easy at the moment - a lot of media psychology is obvious, it's just the studies which are difficult to remember. English is coursework as well which is great because we get loads of feedback/help, and watching films in Media is obviously relevant for our exam (I think) but the first time we watch the film is purely from an audience point of view, meaning we don't actually have to do much aside enjoy the film. 

Wearing Ultimate comfy clothes (in my opinion) - oversized t shirt and tights. I'm pretty certain I'm the only person on the planet who finds tights comfy but so be it!

I haven't posted much recently because (as I said in my last post) I've had so much going on at college for university applications and stuff. I'll be back to normal soon, I promise!

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  1. Come Dine with me is the best absent minded TV, I love all the drama. So funny! I love all the little old ladies too! Also good luck for hearing back from UCAS, that was a stressful part of my life!

    Emma x