Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ebay watchlist wishlist!

*Sigh* I'm still having to upload all my photos via Internet Explorer, as Google Chrome refuses to add any of them, sort it out Blogger! This wouldn't be such a hassle except for my great hatred of Internet Explorer because of how slow it is. Anyway *breathe Georgie* never mind! One day I might actually broadcast an entire post as to all the reasons I hate Internet Explorer, but for today let's focus on the subject in hand - my Ebay watchlist wishlist! It's not such a bad idea actually; I like to think of it as a very early Christmas list (who says November 5th is too early to start making a Christmas list?!) but as a lot of the things on it come from the other side of the world, maybe I can give my family a heads up..
Cut Out Chunky Heels - £19.99 

Black and Gold Oversized Envelope Clutch - £14.99

Faux Leather Casual Shorts - £7.01

Black/Clear Jelly Shoulder bag - £7.99

Black and White PU Leather Jacket - £27.58

Casio-Esque Watch (in Gold) - £4.99

Faux Leather T Shirt - £5.65

Velvet Scrunchies  -£0.99 Each

Vintage Peep Toe Chunky Heel Flatforms - £19.99
Quilted Faux Leather Bomber Jacket - £32.99
I say these are a potential start to my Christmas list, but realistically it's pay day in a week and a half,so who knows what'll happen!

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