Sunday, 17 November 2013

Help, I think I'm a t-shirt addict

T-shirts are winter clothes, right? They're pretty versatile, as long as you layer them, meaning they can't.. be seen anymore.. hmm. Maybe not. I have a problem with t shirts, meaning that they are pretty much all I wear. Oversized with tights (and shorts!), tucked into jeans/disco pants, worn over the top of skater dresses. In my wardrobe, t-shirts are a statement piece. I went to London yesterday with my friend Abby who comes from Manchester and we had a great day! I took her to one of my favourite shops, EETS (mentioned in a previous post)where I bought a vintage cat sweatshirt and a leather sleeved varsity jacket. Both for £10 which made me pretty happy. We then went to Camden. Anyone who has been to Camden as either a tourist or as someone wanting to shop will know the vast amounts of t-shirts on sale there. Ages ago I went through a frenzy of buying the white vest tops with different things on them, but now my (obscured) mind is telling me that short sleeve t-shirts are much more weather appropriate. I did quite well actually; I bought two t-shirts in Camden and two down Oxford Street. We didn't actually have much time down Oxford Street in the end because Abby's train went from Euston at 6 but we found enough time to go to Primark.
This t-shirt was actually from Primark men's section. I love oversized, printed t-shirts and because this one is black and white it'll go with the majority of my wardrobe which is also, ahem, black. It's a size M meaning it's pretty baggy and I'm planning on wearing it with Joni jeans, colourful shoes and my usual gold chain and a beanie.

This one was also from Primark (I planned on putting the actual photo above the closeup but for some reason Blogger doesn't agree with me here). This was a real bargain at £6 and is nearly identical to the Topman versions which are usually about £20 I think (I only know this because my ex boyfriend had a few of them, oops). It looks a more burgundy colour from far away but the nearer the t-shirt the more colours come out. It's acid washed in one sense, but the choice of colours look more deliberately done.
The t-shirt itself is pretty plain so I've paired it with my gold chain to brighten it up a bit!
This is another example of where Blogger won't let me rearrange my photos - by HTML or otherwise! This is essentially a Givenchy dupe. I'm never sure what I think of designer t-shirt dupes - they're either identical or terrible. I've seen the 'birds of prey' Givenchy dupes before and some of them are terrible. Ethically, I'm against them but I love Givenchy designs, unfortunately my budget doesn't. This will have to do for now, at only £9 I can deal with it not being genuine! As they say in Turkey, it's a pretty 'genuine fake'.

An example of saving the best until last - this t-shirt was £13 from Camden and I love it. The guy in the shop was laughing at me taking so long deliberating each t-shirt that he ended up giving me a discount, much appreciated! He kept telling me that a different one was brand new in, only seen there (which was a complete lie) but in the end I went for this one anyway. It's a bit of a strange fit - the sleeves are proportioned bigger than the t-shirt which makes them baggier, I'm not complaining though. One thing which I really like about this t-shirt is the sublimation printing - usually with these types of clothes because they're printed there are marks around the armpits which are left white but this one has managed to cover the t-shirt entirely.
I did buy some other stuff which I'm aiming to upload in another WIWT post - keep your eyes peeled!

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