Thursday, 19 September 2013


Last Christmas my dad bought me a Nikon L120. This was all well and good except for the fact that it was faulty. My fault in the matter was not realising it was faulty and thinking it was my own fault, and as a result not getting it fixed in time. Its warranty is now up and I am currently stuck with my old Fujifilm camera, which does the job but sadly that is all. Because of this, the quality of my photos won't be amazing, nor will the camera angles. Despite this I still feel I should occasionally upload What I Wore Today posts, so here is the first one!

It was a cold, cold day in mid September when Georgie awoke. Putting her outfit together she looked for an ideal outfit which would suit the weather, maybe jeans, maybe a jumper.. maybe disco shorts.

 (One of my biggest problems is finding weather appropriate outfits which as you can tell I fail miserably at.) 

I guess the hat is slightly Winterish, except for the fact that I wear hats whatever the season, hmm..
I wore this to College, albeit briefly seeing as I was only in for Psychology (Thursdays are good days too.) I don't really take much care in my outfits to College because i have little time in the mornings and I would rather sleep than take ages picking out clothes.

The hat is from River Island, my top is Vans and bought either from their website or Ebay, I'm not entirely sure! My shorts are American Apparel Disco Shorts in 'Charcoal'. Tights are probably from Primark/Asda/Sister's drawer and my gold necklace was a bargain - £4 from Primark! You can't actually see in the pictures but I wore the outfit with white platform trainers, similar ones can be seen here.

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