Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Listening to my playlist adequately named 'Playlist'

It has been approximately 10 hours since I last wrote and I'm in the exact same position I was then - that is, sitting on my bed, still wearing my pyjamas, still procrastinating.
Tuesday is a good day because I'm only in college for an hour and a half, despite the amount of time it takes me to get there. Living in Dunstable has many drawbacks; all the shops are shut, the only bus bypassing my house comes once every 70 minutes and the majority of my friends live elsewhere. Consequently, I have to plan my mornings/afternoons/days around bus timetables. This would be tolerable if Arriva bus service was reliable. I can deal with occasionally waiting 20 minutes later for a bus (this is a complete lie, follow me on Twitter for daily anger fueled Arriva updates) but when it's a day in day out situation any sane person will start to complain. Sadly, Arriva are clearly used to this sort of thing and do nothing whatsoever.
One of my friends told me I should write a post about Arriva bus service because of the infrequency/rude bus drivers/apparent lack of concern for leaving on time, and purely by writing about my morning it has accidentally happened. I guess seeing as right now I would usually be either waiting for a bus or sitting on a bus it's pretty accurate time-wise however I'll be honest - I wasn't planning on spending my morning complaining (for a change).
My Tuesdays are also quite predictable and they go like this: Get up/get dressed/resume position in bed/plan proactive things to do and think about them whilst staying in bed. The problem here it seems is that although my mind is very productive, my body is not. Hmm. Maybe I should invest in some of those spiritual books that promise to engage your mind, body and spirit. Only if I could order it online from my bed though.
Today though seems to be proving different (so far). It is now 10AM and I am up, dressed, make upped and sadly, back on my bed. However, the main difference here is that instead of tweeting I am actually blogging which I like to think is slightly more proactive. Furthermore, I think today I might do a fashion piece. I'm not quite sure what of yet though. Most of my 'good' ideas come from leaving my brain to puzzle it out and let inspiration come to me. Some may call this laziness, I call it forward thinking (forward, as in fast forward to when my brain wants to think). I think I'll finish getting ready and try and focus my brain on a fashionesque journalism piece.

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