Monday, 16 September 2013

The birth of 'Don't Get Gee Started'

Mixing work with pleasure is something I find to be an oxymoron, yet journalism would prove to do just that. One of my 'friends' at college (I use the term friend lightly as a) I don't especially know her and b) I don't especially like her) was once told that "you should never work a day's work in your life doing something you don't enjoy." This bad advice was unfortunately taken, and to this day said girl remains unemployed yet hopefully deliriously happy about it. This is all well and good when you think about it, except for the fact that enjoyment is a currency rarely used within this country. For example, enjoyment may be an aspirational quality however it doesn't pay for petrol, or cinema tickets, or food. On the other hand, a few hours spent irritating people over the phone per week (aka what I currently do for a living) pays up surprisingly well and as a result I can have somewhat of a social life.
The point I'm trying to make here is that, as a teenager, work is never going to be something done for a laugh, or to kill time, or for any purpose relating to 'fun'. Work is simply something done as a means of gaining an income and consequently making the pre-full time employment days slightly brighter with the help of the aforementioned goods. So why people my age (17 and counting down every day of it) stick to unemployment for the sake of "oh, well, I would find it really boring" yet still complain about having no money is beyond me. This is where journalism comes in.
I won't say that since I was born I've aspired to be a journalist, because that would be lying. Contrary to popular opinion, not all journalists lie to earn a living and my desire to be one of those is great. I have, in one sense, wanted to go into journalism for a long time, based on the fact that I love English, I love writing and I can talk for England. I feel journalism would also suit me because of the mixed hours - I woke up at 6:22AM this morning and it is now 11:39PM. Although I am ready for bed I am procrastinating to a great extent purely because actually moving is too great an effort now, hence the late night blogging. I feel that if i got myself into the journalism field it would be mixing work with pleasure, hence the first sentence of this post.
I also think that as a first post this should have more introductory qualities rather than me complaining about people at my college and having a personal statement-esque approach to journalism.
I am starting this blog as a means of logging my interests. With regards to journalism specifics, my interests are pretty broad. While I love magazine journalism, in particular writing columns, I also find broadcast journalism incredibly interesting as well as radio journalism. There is the slight drawback of hating the sound of my own voice but I am sure this could be overcome simply by not listening back to the show or perhaps adding one of those alien/celebrity voiceovers first. [I'm now imagining me reading BBC news (aim high) with an alien voiceover and laughing to myself.] I guess overall I'm most interested in both fashion and music journalism, so realistically those will be the main points spoken about within this blog.
The name is two tailed - originally it was going to be called 'Don't Get Me Started' on the basis that whilst talking about what I could blog about my friends commented on my talent for complaining, along with the fact that my full name is Georgina Rose Darling (fit for BBC/1900's period drama already) shortened to 'Gee'. By mixing the two and luckily gaining the realisation that not many bloggers are both a) frequent complainers and b) nicknamed 'Gee' I managed to draw the lucky straw with the name. And so, 'Don't Get Gee Started' was born.

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